Dear Friend,

Welcome to the “One Another” website! My prayer is that our website will be a help to you in answering your questions concerning our church. I also hope for it to be a resource to help you in your Christian walk.

Are you looking for a church home? Visiting a new church can be an intimidating thing! Will I be welcome? Will I be embarrassed or put “on the spot”? Will the service last a long time? Maybe someone invited you to church. Maybe you found out about our church by some other means. No matter how you arrive to be at One Another, the reason prompting you to come here, where you are from, or where you are headed, we want you to know that we care for you, and are interested in you!

We are a church of imperfect people. We have faults. We have failures. We sometimes struggle. We are sometimes weak. However, we know we have a God that will help us, heal us, and guide us if we allow Him!


Our greatest desire, is to share God’s love with you. Please, if there is any way that I can be of help to you contact me anytime. We care about you!

In His Service,


Pastor Jimmy Barrett

Jimmy Barrett